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Support Groups


Story Telling And Games 

A non-sexual and agenda-free safe space to socialize for the queer & exploring/queer-questioning folks.

We share stories of queerness in literature/media and play games! It's free to join and there are no age restrictions.

 Location: Bangalore, India 

 Date & Time: Alternate Saturdays | 4:30 - 6:30 PM 

Boxes of board games stacked on top of each other

Stargardt's India

Online Community

An  online community  for individuals diagnosed with Stargardt Disease, and their caregivers.

Since the rare disease has no cure, the group's aim is to share the latest developments in research, and provide resources regarding best vision aids, ways of coping with physical & mental stress, or details regarding the process of obtaining a Disability Certificate / UDID in India.

Indian woman smiling at her laptop screen
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